OUR Mission

Quality Customer Service & Communication = Success

Communication takes almost endless form, from how something is said between two people, to high speed data transmission over fiberoptics. Voyager’s mission is to combine quality customer service with opportunities in communications industry to provide needed services to our community.

In order to have the optimal communications company, we must not only communicate effectively with our clients, but also with all the associates of our company.

Contact Details

388 South Main St.
Brewer, Maine 04412
P: (207) 989-9500
E: contactus@voyagercallcenter.com
H: 24 hours a day 7 days a week

Confidentiality Statement

Because of the nature of our business, we are entrusted by our customers with information that may be sensitive to them. Because of this we must treat all information as highly confidential. Information must not be given out to anyone other than the specific party directed by the customer. Further, information heard in the performance of our job must not be discussed outside of work with anyone, including family and friends.